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Say hello to the solution for forgetting last-minute travel necessities. Pick your needs and we take care of the rest. All of our products have been tested at security to ensure you arrive at your destination with everything you've left the house with!

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There is no need to worry about having to throw away your products at security. We've covered that for you.

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Watch how we've simplified travel to ensure that you land with everything you need.

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I’m always a last minute packer!! Thanks to you I just placed my skykit travel essentials right into my travel bag and I was ready to go !!! 

Traveling all over the country makes packing and unpacking far less enjoyable but Sky Kit has made it easier.  The convenience and reassurance that everything I need is already pre-packaged and ready to go is a lifesaver.  Not only am I having to worry about myself but having to worry after 30 college players I am thankful that Sky Kits simplify things. The outdoor kit is a great need met in our hostel bug environment in Florida.   I would highly recommend the Sky Kits for all college coaches. 

i do a lot of traveling for work as well as with my family and I love that Sky Kit allows me the convenience of having all my travel essentials in one package without the need to be emptied at security. Simplicity and ease are so important and Sky Kit gives me both of these!

As a busy traveller for outreach medical work, medical conferences, business trips, and family vacations, I have come to rely on Sky Kit products as part of my  regular travel algorithm.  The kits have just what I need, all in one package.  The product quality is very good.  My travel is made a little simpler.

As a new working mom juggling (and remembering) it all is pretty much impossible.  We always forget ONE thing we shouldn't.  That's why I love Sky Kit - it makes packing for adventures with my family easy and gives me peace of mind knowing all the thinking is done for me.  Grab a kit and off you go! Worry free. Will be buying these for my mom friends this year on repeat!

Skykit was perfect for my fishing trip! I’ll be sure to get another one for my next camping excursion as well! Thank you!